We are a group of multi-national executives who partner primarily with technology based companies in their internationalization plans. We accompany organizations in their cross border expansion.

Our team has years of start up and expansion experience in different countries, mainly in Europe. Our internationally experienced team of managers adds value to organizations through implementation capacity, operational excellence and a focused emphasis on “cross border vision” through our well established international network.

We collaborate with a range of companies with diverse business models from various sectors at different development stages. We match entrepreneurs with markets and investors. From seed stage to venture capital stage, we focus on adapting strategic plans to other countries´ corporate culture and mentality. We offer our existing infrastructure and logistical support in a variety of countries. Recently we have been active in: Germany, Spain, Turkey and Scandinavia.

Our compensation is exclusively made in equity; we do not charge consultancy fees or receive any additional remuneration. Our business model guarantees the entrepreneur that we are fully committed to finding the best partners possible because we share one main objective which is to be successful. Nordica Partners and its partners will always have a common goal which is to grow and to expand, for this reason we want to show our commitment by not charging any fees.

It is our mission to create perfect synergies and to match the ideal partners. For this reason we decided to approach markets with our business model, which is only successful if our partnership is prosperous. We therefore chose to work with entrepreneurs who have a long term vision. The structure of our partnership will be either on a performance based agreement, a joint venture or participation in the ownership for specific countries.

As partners or co-founders we have the vision to link and interconnect the internet community on an international level. Our ultimate goal is to boost the exchange of entrepreneurial culture between countries and markets.